Kairos Commodities

Kairos Commodities analyses commodity markets in order to advice procurement companies about correct timing for buying.

Kairos Commodities was founded by DILF in 2007, and today, it has customers in Denmark, Belgium, Croatia, Great Britain, Sweden, Germany and Austria.

Kairos Commodities gives you access to weekly updated forecasts that, short and to the point, make it clear how procurement companies should approach an entering into a purchasing agreement in the short and long term. The core of Kairos Commodities is a very advanced and thoroughly tested analyzing instrument that makes it possible to forecast the price development on commodities with great precision.

Kairos Commodities forecasts the global market conditions and the price development on a number of commodities, including energy, plastics, metals, softs, currencies, freight weights etc.

  • Get access to information about global market conditions and how they affect the commodities that are important to your company.
  • Get access to information about the global market balance of the commodities that are important to your company.
  • Strengthen the competiveness of your company by being more proactive than your competitors.

Read more about Kairos Commodities at www.kairoscommodities.com