Functional Skills

Professionals responsible for sourcing and supplier management activities must understand and be able to apply the relevant functional tools.  Without this fundamental capability staff will underperform and target benefits will not be delivered.

Our experts work with client learning & development staff to design tailored education programmes. Workshops are delivered as standalone events or as a cornerstone of Smart Source or Smart SRM toolkit implementation.  Active coaching during live projects is used to reinforce learning and ensure new ways of working are fully embedded.

Feedback from running over 500 courses tells us that clients value our highly interactive approach and the opportunity to apply the new tools and techniques on their own subcategories and supplier relationships.  Our experts bring up to date and market leading experience to the successful application of the processes in a range of sectors.

New for 2009 - we are developing a series of shorter virtual workshops which still provide the inter-activity of our face-to-face sessions but are more cost effective to run and take less time for the delegates. For more details about these virtual workshops contact Søren Vammen at or 3321 1666.