Job advertising

Cooperating with DILF Recruitment & Outplacement you keep all options open, and you are able to search for the exact information you need.

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We have our own unique advertising channels, and with just a small investment you can advertise in DILF’s printed and digital media. They are very successful and are used by the main part of Danish companies within our professional fields.

At the same time, DILF Recruitment & Outplacement cooperates with nationwide newspapers and job portals. With a combination of the above you are well covered as a company.

If you don’t have enough knowledge about the job market and the options that are optimal for your needs, you are more than welcome to seek advice at DILF Recruitment & Outplacement (see contact details).

Important information about advertising through DILF:

  • DILF is the biggest member association of buyers, logisticians, and SCM and production managers which means that it is the most direct and effective path to reach qualified candidates within these fields.
  • DILF has around 1700 members. 75 percent of the top 100 companies in Denmark are members of DILF. They receive DILF’s newsletter every week and use DILF’s website actively – both media where the job advertisement will be placed.
  • DILF members have a professional interest in procurement, logistics, SCM and production and keep updated through the newsletter, the members’ magazine, seminars and conferences. That makes them interesting candidates.
  • Through the newsletter and the website, the job advertisement will reach a number of people that are not actively job-seeking and members of job portals, but still browse our job exchange and the newsletter for their dream job.