Candidate database

DILF Recruitment & Outplacement wish to be an active partner for both companies and candidates. Based on our knowledge about companies’ needs in our professional fields we have tailored our database in a way that makes it a very attractive service – both for the company who is hiring and for the job-seeking candidate.

The goal of the database is to offer companies a fast, cheap and easy way to get in touch with relevant and competent candidates. Contrary, headhunting is an expensive and time consuming alternative that we want to counter with the database.

For the company there are two searching options:

  • Regular database search (we only know the candidates from their CV).
  • Inplacement (we know the candidates in detail from a personal meeting and personality analysis).

You can access one or both databases by forwarding a job description to Søren Vammen at Then you will receive the anonymous CV’s that we assess as relevant.   

If you wish to contact a CV-holder, DILF Recruitment & Outplacement will facilitate the contact and the candidate’s acceptance of the contract.