For companies

DILF Recruitment & Outplacement is reserved to leaders and specialists within procurement, SCM, logistics and production.

As the only company in Denmark, we are specialized within these professional fields and offer everything from ‘one stop shopping’ to managing single parts of the recruitment process.

Our goal is to provide your company with a fast, qualitative and personal service, and thereby provide the greatest possible certainty in the hiring.

A qualitative hiring takes 60-100 hours to complete. Which leaders have that extra time for an assignment that is, however, essential in order to accomplish one’s goals?

  • We offer unique advertising channels through printed and digital media.
  • We are certified in the best analysis tool in the market.
  • We have years of experience with recruitment.
  • We know your professional field better than others in the recruitment market.

...and faulty hiring is expensive...

This is why you should consider what DILF Recruitment & Outplacement can do for you. We are familiar with your challenges and are able to help you. Maybe a candidate database is the right solution; maybe outsourcing the whole assignment is.

We are ready to help you!