About our events

In DILF we primarily arrange the events mentioned below:


The open courses are typically focused on understanding, but it is also on an operational, tactical and strategic level. That means that the participants get a more practical benefit because of a lower attendance (max. 16-20 people), which also means a more in-depth exposition of the topics and issues. Since the target group is relatively narrow and the course participants have certain common features, the course structure prepares the ground for exchange of experiences between the participants. The topics are fundamental for procurement, logistic, SCM and production. The open courses are usually conducted in Danish.


DILFs conferences are typically one-day events. They consist of five to seven presentations. The primary aim of the conferences is to inspire, create understanding and inform about recent tendencies and concepts. The presentations will be on a general level, which typically describes the work and strategy in specific companies. International speakers will often appear at DILFs conferences, where they will introduce the international tendencies and experiences under the auspices of DILF. Moreover, the conferences aim to create a network forum. The attendance will typically be higher at the conferences and the attendees will typically have a more diverse range of experience. That is why it is a brilliant place to network and create business connections.


DILFs workshops are typically one-day events with limited attendance (max. 20-30 people). The events will often be in continuation of the conferences. They give opportunities to work in a smaller forum with a certain topic at a more in-depth and practical level, which can be related to the conference. The workshop leaders are often international, brought to the country regarding a conference, which is why the events often will be conducted in Danish.

Theme days

The idea behind the theme days is that you in half a day can be updated about development trends and opportunities in a certain field. The subjects will typically be narrow and the target group likewise. Therefore, the attendance at the theme days will often be lower than at the conferences; however it is a more homogenous target group. The concept aims to inform and inspire on a practical or understanding level, dependent on the subject. There will typically be two-four presentations.

Network meetings

The network meetings are free of charge for all DILF members (with a few exceptions). They are typically conducted at a member company, which gives the opportunity to experience other companies closely. The network meetings are literally the result of DILFs active members and they might be the perfect network forums.

See a full list of DILFs events here

Lead generation and type of event

The topic at all evens are often generated with direct connection to the members. Thus, some of the topics stem from evaluating forms from the attendees and others from an electronic survey, which we complete annually online. Therefore, you have several opportunities to influence on the activities in DILF, also regarding the subjects, as a member. Questions, comments, ideas or wishes to coming events are always very welcome in the secretary.

Every type of event has it own characteristics in the form of the number of speakers/presentations, catering, attendees, target group, degree of internationalisation, place, duration, marketing, sponsoring potential etc. Every part is something we can change and develop, which means that we can differentiate the price and offer more targeted events to different stakeholders among the members to even more satisfaction for everyone.