Every Friday, DILFs newsletter is sent out directly to all members as a part of their membership. The newsletter is read by more than 3,000 professionals in procurement, logistics and supply chain. The newsletter is an essential source for members to keep updated on new and relevant research, articles, reports and other must-reads within their professional area that we collect for them from national and international sources and distribute to our members through our newsletter.

Our members and readers

DILF members are procurement and supply chain professionals from a long list of Danish companies. We have members from all areas of the supply chain e.g. Warehousing, Logistics, Planning, Souring, Procurement etc. Through DILF, you have the opportunity to get in contact with a strong target group using their professional association and network.
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We offer two different types of banner ads in the newletter - oblong and square - giving you the opportunity to promote your company, products, solutions, events etc. to all the members of DILF.

You can also reserve an entire part of the newsletter content as your space. Book 3 square banners side by side in the newsletter profiling different products, services etc. or use the space for 1 big banner to get maximum visibility.

Banner sizes and format

Oblong banner: W: 615 pixels x H: 55 pixels
Square banner: W: 200 pixels x H: 180 pixels
3-in-a-row: W: 200 pixels x H: 180 pixels
1 big banner: W: 615 pixels x H: 180 pixels

Banner format: Jpg, png or gif. Animated bannners are not possible.



1 banner showing

2,200 DKK

2 banner showings

4,000 DKK

4 banner showings

7,500 DKK

3-in-a-row / 1 big banner (section)

5,000 DKK

Larger banner package

Contact DILF for price


Jeanet Mørk for questions and bookings in the newsletter.

DILF reserves the right to reject material that disagrees with the interests of the association.