DILF aktuelt

DILFaktuelt (online magazine) is our members’ magazine for all members of DILF and is published six times a year. DILFaktuelt is the leading magazine in Denmark, covering all areas within procurement, logistics and supply chain. The magazine is distributed only and directly to DILF members. All members can access all published issues at dilf.dk as well.

Content profile

With DILFaktuelt we provide both theoretical and practical knowledge to our members with a high level of professional standard. The articles are written in both Danish and English from both Danish and international sources. Articles with a direct commercial content are not published in the magazine.

Through articles, interviews, case stories etc. our members and readers have access to relevant research and knowledge, trends, and experiences from their professional peers.

Our members and readers

All our app. 2000 members receive their online magazine directly in an email. Readers are procurement and supply chain professionals from a long list of Danish companies. We have members from all areas of the supply chain e.g. Warehousing, Logistics, Planning, Souring, Procurement etc.

Through DILF, you have the opportunity to get in contact with a strong target group using their professional association and network.
See our members’ list here.

Ads and advertorials

We offer to run ads or advertorials in the members’ magazine. All ads and advertorials have direct links to the landing page of your choice. It is also possible to include a video in your ad.

Media information for DILFaktuelt 2019

  • Issue
  • Material deadline
  • Published
  • 1 (February)
  • 18th February
  • 25th February
  • 2 (May)
  • 6th May
  • 13th May
  • 3 (September)
  • 2nd September
  • 9th September
  • 4 (November)
  • 18th November
  • 25th November

  • Size
  • Width (W) x Hight (H)
  • Price
  • 1/1 page
  • W: 210 mm x H: 297 mm
  • 5,000 DKK
  • ½ page, wide format
  • W: 210 mm x H: 148 mm
  • 3,000 DKK

All prices are excl. VAT.

Material information

Ads are sent directly to the editor at do@dilf.dk as Press Optimized PDF-file. All fonts, logos and illustrations must be included in the complete file. Colors are defined either as RGB or CMYK. Image resolution must be 300 DPI, bitmap pictures in 600 DPI. The font is fitted to a size that is easily read on the screen.

If material does not live up to the specifications, reprocessing will be invoiced individually according to the existing rate of pay per hour.

Editorial guidelines for DILFaktuelt 2019

See the editorial guidelines(Danish) for DILFaktuelt here.