Nedenfor ses en række surveys foretaget af forskellige virksomheder.

How is your company coping with the impact of the Covid-19 crisis?

Digital maturity i procurement

A report, that present the findings from a survey on digital maturity covering responses from +140 individual procurement practitioners in 20 countries.

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Big Data Analytics: Winners of the next decade

”Big data introduces a lot of changes within organizations. Today, the amounts of data are of such a magni-tude that no individual can master any one area completely. That creates a cul-ture in which businesses & IT leaders must come together to extract value from all data available…”

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GM Jumps to Third Place, Nissan

Results of the 17th annual North American Automotive OEM - Supplier Working Relations Index® Study released today shows that GM has jumped to third place – its highest level ever in the history of the study -- ahead of Fiat-Chrysler US, Ford and Nissan, which now is in last place. Nissan’s supplier relations have dropped for the third straight year since 2014 when it was in third place.

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An Automated Future

In Q2 of 2017 ProcureCon Europe & WBR Digital surveyed 100 European Procurement leaders from top manufacturing companies. Respondents to the survey were CPOs, Heads and VPs of Procurement or Indirect Procurement as well as others of similar standing. The interviews which comprised the research were conducted by appointment over the telephone. The results were compiled and anonymised by ProcureCon Europe & WBR Digital and are presented here with analysis and commentary from our knowledge partners: OpusCapita, Radius Travel, and Ivalua, as well as members of the ProcureCon Europe community.

Udgivet af ProcureCon Europe.

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Results from the ’S&OP in Denmark’ survey

A survey by DILF in collaboration with Syncronic Management Consulting.

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Industry 4,0 in Danish Industry

The survey is carried out by Professor and PhD Jan Stentoft, Associate Professor and PhD Erik Skov Madsen and Research Assistant Christopher Rajkumar from University of Southern Denmark, Department of Entrepreneurship and Relationship Management, Kolding and Department of Technology Management, Odense 

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Sourcing Innovation Survey Report

Udarbejdet af PhD Student Christopher Rajkumar, Department of Entrepreneurship and Relationship Management, University of Southern Denmark, Kolding.

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Supplier Relationship Management Study: Summary of Findings

Key perfoming indicators in purchasing

Average and best in class values 2015.
Udarbejdet af BME.

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Procurement challenges

Om udfordringer i arbejdet med indkøb.
Udgivet af ProcureCon Europe.

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Aberdeen surveys

Som DILF-medlem har du gratis adgang til alle Aberdeens surveys

Standarder som værdiskaber i danske virksomheder

Udarbejdet af DAMVAD for Erhvervsstyrelsen.

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Indkøb i krisetider

Udarbejdet af DILF, Syddansk Universitet & Valcon.

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Udbredelse og barrierer for anvendelse af vendor managed inventory i danske virksomheder

Udarbejdet af DILF.

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A European Survey on Corporate Social Responsibility

Udarbejdet af Department of Entrepreneurship and Relationship Management, University of Southern Denmark.

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Strategic Sourcing i Europa, Mellemøsten og Afrika (delrapport - kun danske virksomheder)

Udarbejdet af Aberdeen Group.

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Undersøgelse af kommunalt indkøb

Udarbejdet af DILF, PA Consulting Group og SKI.

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Fighting hunger with investments – new dimensions on corporate social responsibility

Udarbejdet af Folkekirkens Nødhjælp.

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