Competence Assessment

Compass is a comprehensive competency assessment solution for procurement. Individuals assess their competencies against ideal role profiles, these assessments are compared with managers views, gaps against the ideal profile are identified and prioritised, and personal development plans produced.

  • On-line competency assessment tool
  • Includes 100 detailed competencies
  • Developed specifically for procurement
  • Can be customised for each client

Potential learning & development solutions are built into the tool to help users select the right intervention to improve their skills and capabilities.  

We have grouped the competencies into 10 clusters:

  • Functional: Strategic Sourcing, Negotiation & Contracting, Cost & Value Management, Supplier Management, Risk Management

A key finding for most procurement organisations is that there is a strong correlation between procurement success and the quality of leadership and people talent.  It is widely recognised that leadership and interpersonal skills are as critical for procurement practitioners as functional tools and techniques. Especially in relation to selling procurement to the wider organisation and stakeholder management, leadership and broad people skills are essential.

To develop the business skills of procurement teams we focus on the these five areas:​

  • Business: Analysis & Systems, Planning & Organising, Communication & Influencing, Leadership & Management, Change & Strategy

Each organisation is unique, with its own structure, objectives, job specification and HR driven initiatives.  We work with our clients to customise our competency framework to fully match with their specific needs. The on-line competency assessment is carried out through a mixture of self assessment and interviews.

Analysing the results and developing a targeted learning & development programme is carried out jointly with the client, with a real focus on addressing the major competency gaps that are essential to improving the performance of the organisation.

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