Preparing for a period of instability in commodity markets

The outbreak of Covid-19 has prompted significant price changes in several commodity groups. On Wednesday, the 25th of March 14:00-15:30 CET, Kairos Commodities will host a free webinar to present current and expected commodity price developments.

Free webinar


Join Kairos Commmodities' CEO and Chief Analyst when they present Kairos' view on:

> Scenarios for recession and recovery

> Macroeconomic forecast

> The price impact on commodity groups

> Planning for the possible scenarios

This free webinar will highlight how and why the scenarios for the price development during the rest of 2020 vary between the commodities and commodity groups.

Kairos Commodities provides subscribers with analyses and price forecasts for a range of commodities, including metals, steel, energy, plastics, grains and oilseeds, animal products, and others.

The webinar is scheduled to last 90 minutes, to ensure we provide enough time to provide an overview of expected developments and their underlying reasons, as well as introduce participants to Kairos Commodities' format of analysis. The webinar should be considered as ‘inspirational’ and food for thought in your own approach to the 2020 developments in global markets.


Søren Vammen is the CEO of Kairos Commodities and The Danish Purchasing and Logistics Forum. Søren has more than 20 years of experience in supply management and has been involved in several European companies’ supply management practice.

Tom Bundgaard is the Chief Analyst at Kairos Commodities, in charge of Commodity Price analysis and forecasting. The practical background is 13 years as Purchasing Manager, buying all kinds of commodities. The theoretical background is a progression of specialization: Academy Economist, a 10-years Mentor-process in Technical Analysis, a MSTA degree from Society of Technical Analysts in London and finally a Master of Financial Technical Analysis from the US.

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