Applying strategy in procurement aided by leading-edge technologies

Friday, October 25th 2019, 10:00 am - 10:45 am CET

Cirtuo is a cloud-based software that empowers procurement leaders to get their story heard among top management. Cirtuo significantly increases the strategic skills of your team and helps to establish professional strategic Category and Supplier Management in just a few weeks. Cirtuo software and methodology will enable your team to analyze, devise procurement strategies, create initiatives and track savings easy and fast.

Cirtuo benefits include:

  • Relationship-building procurement / stakeholder mobilization
  • Promoting procurement as a crucial success partner on company level
  • End-to-end strategic solution for categories & suppliers
  • Data-driven foundation for category analysis
  • Procurement digitalization in a top-down manner
  • Savings beyond sourcing and Risk mitigation

Many companies across Europe have already recognized the importance of this approach in boosting profits and company development, which is why Cirtuo’s list of clients includes renowned companies like Andritz, Hirtenberger, Horerbiger, Gorenje, Johnson Matthey, Knapp, Xellia etc.
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Mr. Drasko Jelavic, CEO of Cirtuo, is a leading procurement expert who has spent years in developing a unique software solution and methodology for strengthening strategic approach in procurement. As a result, Cirtuo was created.

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