Innovation and green transition of technology in the ROCKWOOL Group

At ROCKWOOL, sustainability has been at the forefront of the business strategy for decades focusing on the sustainability benefits of the product portfolio. In 2015, ROCKWOOL decided to place an increased strategic focus on reducing the environmental footprint of its own operations through clearly defined goals of reduction.

At the seminar, you can get an insight into how a dedicated effort in technology innovation has enabled ROCKWOOL to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions within the full value chain with some staggering results. However, the journey has just begun.

The Q&A session will predominantly but not exclusively be in Danish.

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Bjørn Rici Andersen, Sr. VP, Group Operations & Technology, ROCKWOOL Group


Anker Nørlund Christensen, chefkonsulent, Erhvervsakademi Aarhus


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