Business negotiation

Focus on negotiation skills, the personal dimension of negotiations, relational analysis and tools.

A three-day combination course with elements from the courses:  ”Techniques in negotiating – Module 1” and ”The personality in negotiating – Module 2

The course will be held in English.

Target group

The course applies to employees in category 3 and 4 in DILF´s Compentence profiles – ie. category-, senior-, global-, strategic- and lead buyers/purchasers, logistic- and process consultants, functional managers, developers and executives.

Purpose / benefit

The participants will be trained on several levels during this three-day course. The focus will be in two main areas: 1) Interaction between working with a set of analysis tools and training through a number of exercises and 2) to work with the individual participants personality profile (the well documented DiSC-profile from Discover) and a further development of the participants skills in negotiating and communication ie. through systematic feedback.

On the course a number of practical models and tools will be reviewed and used to improve, implement and evaluate negotiations. The goal is to intensify the participant’s negotiation skills and the awareness of their own approach to negotiations. Specifically you will strengthen your skills as a negotiator in these areas:

  • Analyzing the relation between you and your counterparts company
  • Establishing an overall negotiation strategy based on this analysis
  • Choosing the relevant practical and usable tactics and techniques depending on the situation of the negotiation, which fx. includes: - Finding the right balance between the correct result and the required relation to the counterpart,   that means optimizing your priorities and your movements/concessions in the negotiation - Preparing your negotiation systematically through templates and other tools
  • Reflecting after the negotiation with the purpose of maintaining learning points and experiences to ensure continuous improvement
  • Increasing your own knowledge and other negotiation techniques though the use of the DiSC-personality profile.
  • To read the counterparts profile and based on that; to adjust your own negotiation techniques and communication skills
  • To improve yourself as a negotiator and at the same time achieve a greater understanding of other strengths/limitations

Content of the course

The course focuses on the skillsets that, combined, make the participants better negotiators:

  • A detailed knowledge of the relations between your own company and the suppliers/stakeholders and other interested parties, including a mutual segmentation in regards to this relation
  • A very thorough understanding of your personality- and negotiator profile, including how it effects the counterpart and how other negotiating profiles effect you in different ways
  • How your negotiator profile can/should adapt your counterparts profile, and how you can strengthen your communication
  • Customer/supplier positioning, segmentation and distribution of power – what is our, respectively the counterparts interests and position?
  • Analysis and management of the relation between them and us
  • The ABC of negotiation – do´s and dont´s

Negotiation phases:

  • Preparation – crucial for a good result
  • Implementation – requires prioritizing and overview
  • Evaluation and learning – the only guarantee for continuous improvements and further development
  • Conscious communication and interview techniques
  • Group negotiations – role play and allocation of responsibilities
  • The ideal negotiator – handles the problem, not the counterpart
  • The importance of coordinating strategies all the way from the corporate strategy, sourcing strategy, category- and supplier strategy to selecting the negotiation strategy and the negotiators choice of how to negotiate.

Target group/competence profiles

Read more about our competence profiles here
Competence profile – purchasing
Competence profile – logistics and SCM

Teaching method

The course is a multi-level framework between:

  • Presentation of theory, models and tools for use in negotiations and relationship management
  • A large number of exercises that progressively increases in difficulty
  • Determining and analyzing your personality- and negotiator profile, and how this profile interacts in your negotiations

Throughout the course you will receive thorough feedback and there will be plenty of opportunities for reflection during exercises and other activities.

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Certificate of Competence: DILF Certified Business-to-Business Negotiator

We offer all the participants that already participated or will be participating in DILFs 3 negotiating modules, to be certified with a Certificate of Competence: DILF Certified Business-to-Business Negotiator. You can finish your course with an examination that will be offered semi-annually. When passed you will receive a certificate and be able to call yourself a ”DILF Certified Business-to-Business Negotiator”
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Training instructors

Lars Bjerregaard Mikkelsen, Ass. Professor, Aarhus Universitet, Konsulent, [Nokomoditi]
Uddannelse: M.Sc. Econ., Exec. MBA., Ph.D.

Søren Vammen, CEO of DILF and Kairos Commodities.
Søren has more than 20 years of experience in supply management and has been involved in several European companies supply management practice. Søren is an external examiner at CBS – Marketing and Purchasing – and also at MBA in Business Strategy.



From kl. 09 day 1 til kl. 16 day 3.


Dkk. 16.900,- member of DILF
Dkk. 18.400,- not member of DILF

Invoice and confirmation are sent after you registration is received.

Accomodation is included in the conference fee


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For cancellations received in writing no later than 14 days before the event the fee with a deduction of 10% for administration charges can be refunded. Cancelations received in writing later than 14 days before the event will not be refunded. Substitution is allowed at no extra charge and the invoice will be corrected according to new participants’ membership status. Please inform DILF of any substitutions.