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Challenge session

The category management certification ends with an exam as certification of the education. If you pass you will be issued a certification card and assigned the title “DILF Certified Category Manager”.

Synopsis and presentation

Preparation of a short synopsis based on a case or category from your own company (max 4 pages) and a presentation ( 10 minutes PowerPoint presentation of the major findings) to the other participants and the trainer – a so-called challenge session.

What is a synopsis?

A synopsis is a short text that gives a comprehensive analysis and overview of your assignment or case. The elements of a synopsis task are the same as in larger task, which includes statement, analysis and conclusion and must follow the structure of category management thinking. However, there is quite a broad framework to organize the synopsis for the category given problems and challenges that may appear in your company. In your synopsis you need to discuss and justify the models and methods you will use to develop a category strategy, which is the result/conclusion in your synopsis. A synopsis has two purposes:

  • It must show that you can structure your knowledge
  • It must support your verbal presentation

Presentation/Challenge session

The subsequent presentation (challenge session) must briefly outline the most important points and facts, methods/models and considerations you have made and used in your synopsis and present your category strategy total. The presentation/challenge session aims that the teacher and other participants can challenge the elements in your synopsis and the final category strategy.

The courses in the Category Management certification

Category management thinking and mobilization
Spend management
Market analysis
Category strategy
Supplier management