Workshop Planning 2013

Planning 2013 - workshop

Change Management in S&OP

According to John Kotter, one of the world’s biggest gurus on change, 70 per cent of all major changes in organizations fail. It is also true that failure is caused not due to lack of technical skills or resources, but due to the fact that people don‟t put their minds and hearts behind the change. Resistance is one of the key barriers. So, who is resisting whom? According to another change expert, Rick Maurer, it is often the leaders who plan and initiate changes in ways that create inertia, apathy and opposition.

For instance, when a change is announced, people respond in different ways. 30 % tend to support and cooperate. 50 % will be neutral and adopt a „wait and watch‟ attitude. 20 % will generally be against the change. Among the 70 % who don‟t support the change, some get confused and question as to why this is being done. Some express immediate criticism. A few persons say „yes‟, but do just the minimum.
As Tom Wallace point out, implementing a successful S&OP-process or improving the process from one maturity level to the next is 80% about PEOPLE and 20% about processes and tools. The process itself is cross-functional in nature and the goal is to optimize the company as a whole. Teamwork across silos can often be very challenging due to local agendas and objectives. Therefore change management is one of the most important disciplines when implementing and continuously improving the S&OP process. This workshop will provide the participants with a lot of inspiration and tools for both successful implementation and continuous improvement of the S&OP change journey. During the day – when it makes sense in an S&OP context – we will draw upon inspiration from the world’s thought leaders on change: John Kotter, Rick Maurer and Ralph Stacey.  


08.30 - 09.00 Registration and breakfast

09.00 - 12.00 Change management in relation to S&OP:

• Change in S&OP
• Recommendations by Tom Wallace
• Best practice in a Danish context
• What are the typical barriers?
• Group discussion
• Rethinking resistance: Which key stakeholders (in S&OP) do I need to pay special attention to and how do I do it?
• Framework and group discussion
• “What needs to be true?” and what is least likely -> and how do we solve it

12.00 - 12.45 Lunch

12.45 - 14.00 Maturity levels and assessment of next development wave

• What change aspects are important at different maturity levels

14.00 - 15.00 Principles for successful S&OP implementation incl. tools

• Early involvement of top management and other key stakeholders (involvement activities in the project plan)
• Impact case and goal hierarchy to ensure clear project purpose
• Process and tools are not rocket science: Steel from the best and adjust to your company (depending on maturity level and ambition)
• “Show don’t tell”: Pilot based with incremental improvements

15.00 - 16.00 What are your change challenges?

• Group discussion of good solutions/actions

16.00 - 16.30 Personal action plan

• What do you do different from tomorrow – plan the next 30 days

(Breaks will be hold during the day)

Planning 2013

The day before the workshop, the annual planning conference is held. Read more about the conference and register here

Workshop facilitator

Senior Consultant, Implement.
Connie holds a M.Sc. and ph.d. in Operations Management. Connie has been working many years with development and implementing of S&OP in a wide range of companies. Connie has strong professional competences within process facilitation, supply chain development and analysis.

Tid og sted

Workshop: 13th November 2013 in Copenhagen
Registration from 08.30

First Hotel Copenhagen
Molestien 11
DK -2450 Copenhagen SV
Telephone: +45 36 15 51 34


Workshop fee:
DKK 4.475,- Member of DILF
DKK 3.975,- Per extra participant from same company (member of DILF)
DKK 5.975,- Not member of DILF
DKK 5.475,- Per extra participant from same company (not member of DILF)

The fee is inclusive of programme materials and refreshments as stated in the programme.


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