People - Talent and performance management

Tuesday 18th June 2013 in Copenhagen
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Results are created solely by people; in a business context this means by employees and management, and it is therefore crucial to have the right people in the right positions within Procurement.

How do you make yourself attractive as an employer? How do you define the right profiles for the different roles in the procurement organization? How do you attract and select the right people? How do you make sure that the employees deliver to mark? How do you retain the very best employees? How do you improve the skills of your employees? These are some of the essential questions that you, as a people manager, must be able to answer and constantly focus on, if you want your organization to continuously perform above average. At the conference on 20th March we will therefore focus on these topics in a procurement function context as there is no doubt that talent and performance are more important than ever within Procurement.

Based on procurement profiles of yesterday, today and tomorrow, we will attempt to cover the many facets that the title “People – talent and performance management” involves.

We have put together an exciting and highly relevant day that will include presentations by a series of interesting organizations and experts. As always, the conference will focus on their lessons learnt and their challenges encountered and it will encourage a dialogue between the presenters and the participants.


08.30 - 09.00 Registration and breakfast buffet

09.00 - 09.10 Chairman's opening remarks

v/ Associate professor at Aalborg University and Director procurement practice at DILF

09.10 - 10.10 360 degree assessment as a lever for performance

After some years with a high number of new initiatives deriving from a new procurement strategy FLSmidth decided to do a thorough 360 degree assessment with third party involvement of its global procurement organisation in order to evaluate, reflect and plan for the future. Concepts like category management, TCO, 5-step sourcing process, commodity risk management were and still are top of the agenda, and the management team wanted to evaluate if the right competencies were in place in order to move on to the next strategy step that shall take FLSmidth to the next level in the years to come.

  • Why a comprehensive 360 degree assessment
  • The concept and the process
  • Reporting structure and content
  • Results so far and key learnings
  • Next step

v/ Head of Department, Group Strategic Procurement - Procurement Strategy & Performance at FLSmidth A/S

10.10 - 10.30 Break

10.30 - 11.30 Results are delivered by people - aligning strategy and people performance

In Maersk Procurement People Performance Management is an essential part of leadership. Our ability to execute on our strategy depends heavily on our ability to align, drive and develop individuals ability to deliver results.
When cascading and translating objectives all the way to individuals we strive to focus individual efforts on the things that matter most, drive and motivate individuals to deliver on the agreed targets, follow up on progress and not least develop the ability of people to deliver on objectives and live the company values. In this presentation from Maersk Procurement hear more about:

  • How good People Performance Management is an “acquired taste” and why Maersk Procurement follow a set of principles for effective people performance and people development
  • How drivers of performance and engagement are overlapping and why people engagement is a key priority
  • How business rotations programs are used to develop and exchange best procurement practices
  • How a strong internal and external talent pipeline is a key enabler for succes

v/ Head of Group Performance Management & Engagement, A. P. Moller - Maersk

11.30 - 12.30 Lunch

12.30 - 13.30 Your self-awareness is the first step in developing your employees

Few managers takes much time to reflect on their own behavior. This might count especially for the kind of profiles we typically find in management positions in purchasing departments. Profiles with high speed, who are self-assure, tough and extremely goal oriented. Nothing wrong with that, but a little reflection sometimes might improve performance. The dutch philosopher Daniel Ofman provides simple models to help improve self-awareness.

  • What is my core qualities and their shadow sides?
  • How is, what I find annoying in other people, linked to my own development areas?
  • How to be more likely to succeed in personal development
  • What characterize your choices; creativity or reactiveness?
  • How to use the concept in people development

v/ CEO, HR-Gantzhorn

13.30 - 13.50 Break

13.50 - 14.50 Developing competencies in a global supply chain

Efficient supply chain processes are an increasingly decisive factor in terms of competiveness. The introduction of the Supply Chain Academy (SCA) within the Bosch organization a few years ago signaled the creation of an instrument for global organizational development in the supply chain area, and one that strives for excellence.
Following topics will be addressed during the presentation:

  • SCA Mission and responsibilities
  • Roles and target competence profiles
  • Competence mapping on a global scale
  • International roll out of training programs
  • Securing high quality level of training
  • Successfully implementing internal trainer

v/ Vice President, Corporate Sector Purchasing and Logistics, Supply Chain Academy at Robert Bosch GmbH (DE)

14.50 - 15.10 Break

15.10 - 16.10 People – your only true asset in procurement

Procurement organisations performs through their people, so people should always be number one on the agenda of the CPO. Top management’s delivery expectations to procurement has developed radically within the last few years – cost saving isn’t enough any longer. And these new and often more sophisticated demands on the procurement organisations puts more pressure on the delivery reqirements and thereby on the people who has to deliver the performance.

  • The delivery evolution within procurement
  • Job profiles – yesterday – today and tomorrow
  • Top 5 mistakes when designing procurement job profiles and recruiting new candidates
  • How do you design career paths within procurement?
  • How do you ensure a constant flow of talents?


16.10 - 16.30 Chairman's closing remarks

v/ Associate professor at Aalborg University and Director procurement practice at DILF

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Tuesday June 18th 2013

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