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Many leaders believe that they need to be tough. But recent research shows that it leads to health and motivation problems among employees. What does a “nice” boss look like?

Research shows that people lie – and lie often. Negotiators are no exception. Here is how to conduct conversations in a way that makes it difficult for your counterpart to lie.

What makes a great leader? The answer to that differs dependent on culture. Here are six leadership styles to illustrate that.

It is more than 30 years ago S&OP was introduced. Join a conversation with the ‘father of S&OP’ and hear how it has developed since.

How do you get a succesfuld procurement department? Read more in the new member magazine DILForientering!


Planning - Taking S&OP to the next level
November 16th 2016 in Copenhagen

Digital Procurement
November 30th in Copenhagen

Negotiation courses