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Procurement is becoming more and more data driven, but it is not that easy to manage data. Hear a discussion of the future of procurement analytics and learn how to get big value from big data in this webcast.

The Danish Supply Chain Panel is right now focusing on supply chain management and big data. Would you like to join? Read more here.

It is now possible to get the Category Management certification in English!

Are you aware of relational risk? Read about its dimensions and how it can be mitigated or avoided altogether in the article “Raise your relational risk intelligence and reap the rewards”.

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Konferencer / conferences

Procurement - Next practices
September 15th 2016 at First Hotel Copenhagen

Supply chain
September 22nd 2016 at First Hotel Copenhagen


Category Management Uddannelsen

Category Management certification in English

You can join the first English team which starts in September.
Read more about the certification here


Logistik, SCM og Planlægningskurser